PsA and Smoking

Smoking has been associated with an increased risk of both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in the general population.1-3 One large study found that those who smoked were 27% more likely to develop psoriatic arthritis than non-smokers.Paradoxically, studies have not shown an increased risk of psoriatic arthritis in people who have pre-existing psoriasis and smoke.1,4-6

However, other studies have found that people with PsA who smoke tend to have more severe disease and may have poorer responses to treatment compared to non-smokers.3,7,8 Individuals who have smoked for longer and consume more cigarettes per day tend to develop more severe PsA.Smoking may cause an increase in inflammatory cytokines, which are involved in causing PsA and are targeted by some of the biologic therapies that are used to treat PsA.9-12


It is recommended that people with PsA quit smoking.10,13 Quitting smoking can have several other benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, which patients with PsA are at a higher risk for developing.13-15 There are many different medications and psychological support programs available to assist with smoking cessation. 


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